Parse the covariates and model components from given data and formula

create_model.covs_and_comps(data, model_formula, x_cont_scl, verbose)



A data.frame where each column corresponds to one variable, and each row is one observation. Continuous covariates and the response variable must have type "numeric" and categorical covariates must have type "factor". Missing values should be indicated with NaN or NA. The response variable cannot contain missing values. Column names should not contain trailing or leading underscores.


an object of class lgpformula


Information on how to scale the continuous covariates. This can either be

  • an existing list of objects with class lgpscaling, or

  • NA, in which case such list is created by computing mean and standard deviation from data


Should some informative messages be printed?


parsed input to Stan and covariate scaling, and other info

See also

Other internal model creation functions: create_model.formula(), create_model.likelihood(), create_model.prior()